Entries for April 2021

The Torah's "Equal Protection Clause."

Watch on Youtube   “Equal Protection Under the Law” is a bedrock principle of our American constitutional jurisprudence.  At least, that’s what I was taught in law school.     But “equal protection” wasn’t part of ei... Continue Reading »

Kedoshim: "I'm Just Mad About You"

Watch on YouTube Let’s take a Bible quiz.  Which one of the following verses from this week’s Torah portions of Aharei-Mot/Kedoshim doesn’t fit with the others? a)     “Love your neighbor as yourself” b) &nb... Continue Reading »

Are you a "Mass-Spreader?"

Watch on YouTube Are You a “Mass-Spreader”?  Not of the Covid-19 virus, G-d forbid.  But of the on-going pandemic of lashon hara -- harmful speech?     This week’s combined Torah portions Tazria-Metzora... Continue Reading »

Shemini: What "Keeping Kosher" Really Means.

Watch on You Tube This week’s Torah portion, Shemini, the third in the book of Leviticus, contains many of the laws of kashrut – kosher eating.   Many Jews think of kashrut only in terms of rules regarding foods that c... Continue Reading »

Matzah Ethics

Watch on YouTube   We’ve eaten matzah during this Passover week because the Torah/G-d requires it and forbids chametz (leavened bread).  As my nine-year old grandson proudly told us during our family seder, the tr... Continue Reading »

A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.
Jewish Proverb