The next Jewish “Hol-y-day” is Purim on March 7th-8th.

Purim is immediately preceded by the Fast of Esther and followed by Shushan Purim. As the date approaches, I will post entries about the meanings and traditions of Purim.

In the meantime, be happy! “As the month of Adar enters (Sunset Friday, February 25th), we increase our happiness.” (Talmud, Ta’anit 29a.) You might also think about this: Why did our sages consider Purim to be a day “like Yom Kippur” – Yom Ha k’purim?

The dates are:

  • Month of Adar arrives: Sunset Friday, February 25th ???
    Fast of Esther (daylight hours of Wednesday, March 7th)
    Purim – Sunset, Wednesday, March 7th through Thursday, Sunset March 8th
    Shushan Purim – Sunset March 8th through Sunset March 9th

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