New Jewish Ethics Advice Column: Please Submit Suggestions!

Shalom, Friends. 

I am launching a new project, a Jewish Ethics Advice Column.   I request and invite your help by submitting, and encouraging others to submit, to me at, situations raising ethical issues.  These might involve any aspect of conduct in any situation.  What would Judaism say is the “right thing to do (or not to do)?”   

I will try to respond to each submission/inquiry, and will publish my responses to those I consider most worthy of sharing.  Of course, all published items will be anonymous.    

I am launching this column as a reflection and extension of my long-standing interest in Jewish ethics, and my desire to learn, teach, and foster my own efforts in character development.

It’s my hope to explore many practical applications of the mitzvah to “Do the Right and The Good” (Deuteronomy 6:18) based upon the deep teachings and wisdom of our tradition.  Where appropriate, I may also compare the "Jewish Ethical Response" to that contemplated by American law and/or popular culture.   

So...when you hear of, read of, or experience, any circumstance that peaks your curiosity about what Judaism would say is (or was) “the right thing to do,” won’t you please send me an email description?  I look forward to receiving your suggestions! 

Kol tuv,

R. Art Levine 



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